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The Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) Toolkit website can be used by anyone managing a large population of trees in or near urban areas. The Toolkit website is intended to help urban forest managers develop management plans that are appropriate for their urban forests.
  • This is a project of California Urban Forests Council, and the Inland Urban Forest Council.

  • California Urban Forests Council
  • Inland Urban Forest Council


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You can view the contents of the Toolkit website without registering, but registration
is required to take advantage of the online editing capabilities.

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  • What is an urban forest?


    The sum of all woody and associated vegetation in and around dense human settlements, ranging from small communities in rural settings to metropolitan regions.


    From Urban Forestry, Planning and Managing Urban Greenspaces by Robert W. Miller: 1988. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.


    What is urban forestry?


    A planned and programmatic approach of the development and maintenance of the urban forest, including all elements of green infrastructure within the community, in an effort to optimize the resulting benefits in social, environmental, public health, economic, and aesthetic terms, especially when resulting from a community visioning and goal-setting process.


    From the PAS Report, Planning the Urban Forest

    Health issues affecting your urban forest?


    In collaboration with the USDA-FS Pacific Southwest Research Station, Phytosphere Research is conducting a project on sustaining urban forest health. We are asking you to share your knowledge about agents and conditions affecting the health of your local urban forest.  You can provide your input by completing our online needs assessment questionnaire.
    A link to the questionnaire is available at phytosphere.com/ufhealth.htm
    The questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  Please contact Ted Swiecki or Liz Bernhardt phytosphere@phytosphere.com for further information about this project.

  • Develop a management plan for your urban forest



    The UFMP Toolkit provides


    • an overall framework for developing an urban forest management plan;
    • an overall process to organize the steps involved;
    • a list and descriptions of elements that may be included;
    • an online work plan tool;
    • an online editing tool to assist in the development of a complete detailed plan outline with notes input by multiple collaborators.



    Each urban forest management plan is unique to the location for which it is developed. Using the UFMP Toolkit web site, you can select and modify elements that are appropriate for your situation.

    Typical users include


    • managers of large landscapes such as golf courses, campuses, or other situations,
    • urban foresters and environmental planners working for cities, counties, and special districts.


    You can view the contents of the Toolkit website without registering. Registration is required to take advantage of the online editing capabilities of the Toolkit website.




    • Project Development Committee:
      Deborah Day, Nancy Hughes, Dave Roger, Fred Roth, Mark Porter, Susan Sims and Andy Trotter.


      Advisory Committee:
      Nancy Humenik, Rebecca Latta and Diana Ruiz.



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      Elizabeth Bernhardt and Ted Swiecki
      Phytosphere Research


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